Educating my Personal Learning Network about modern day piracy

This post is being set up for a lesson tomorrow.

Year 8! Use the comment function below to leave your thoughts and ideas on the following questions:

1. What do you want people to know about modern day piracy?

2. What issues need to be considered when producing information to share on the internet?

3. How could the information be presented while maintaining the geographical information?

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  1. 1.i want people to know the dangers of modern piarcy and that they can look like ordainary people and why they commit these crimes.

    2.Copyrighting and making sure when you publish information you right where you got it from. could present it on a map and show where pirates are most likely to attack.


  2. 1. That pirates today are not at all like the stereotype pirates in films.

    2. The issues that would need to be considered are to make sure trhat they are true.

    3. Use Geographical words, present the info well.

    Bethany And Maddy šŸ™‚

  3. 1. We want people to know that somali pirates are not like pirates from movies and that the pirates are really dangerous, and the pirates steal for survival not for their own good.

    2. You need to have legal copyright sources.

    3. By showing graphs, maps and atlas textbooks.

  4. Q1 )i would like people to know that modern day pirates are not just like the stereo types that are on films the are just ordinary people like everyone eles but they have different circumstances because there country is poor and thats why they steal and take.
    Q2) that you could end up copy righting things without knowing it.
    Q3)you could use pictures and facts on a powerpoint presentation and still have the geographical contense of all the information you want to get out there.:')

  5. 1. Modern pirates can look like ordinary people and not like stereotypes ones.
    2. When you publish information it must be true and you must write where you got it from.
    3. You could use maps where the pirates are most likely to be or to attcack.

    Ashley and Florrie!

  6. What Do you want people to know about Piracy;-
    We Want people to know, that Pirates aren't all good as they can be in the movies, like: Pirates of the carabian, and that they can be completely different, also, the fact that they do this for surrvival, and honestly they dont have a lot of choice, since they do this because their country is at civial war, and they are in the midle of it,- so they are poor.

    What issues need to be considered when producing ingormation to share on the internet?;-
    You need evidence to back you up, about how and why they are doing this. Also, you may not know exactly when or where you will come across them, as they can look like avrage any day person would.
    which would make this harder to tell if they where, the only real way to catch them out, would be if you saw them on a boat with goods, heavily armed.

    How could the information be presented while maintaining the geographical information?:-
    In powerpoint, with a map, to show where it goes, and where it is likely to be taken over by samiali pirates- what its carrying the size of teh crew, and how to approach taking over the ship that the samilia pirates are on (:

  7. 1. That they are not bloodthirsty swashbuckling pirates, they are poor desperate young men who need money for food, shelter and clothing. They don't intend to kill , they just want to live a normal life.

  8. April
    1) I want to re-educate people that pirates are real people and not just characters in a film. We are linked to modern day piracy because of trade. Pirates do not look like the typical stereo type pirates if you saw one walking down the road you wouldn't think they were a pirates!
    2) Copyrighted pictures and information.
    3) Powerpoints with annotated pictures, maps and visual presentations.

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