Citizenship Through Geography

I think teaching about ‘Citizenship’ (still don’t like that word) is vital. However, I don’t believe that it should be a discrete subject. Geography is ideally placed to explore controversial issues and the develop the confidence to successfully engage in our democratic society.

Took delivery of these rather nice purple books this week. The project is aimed at teachers of geography and suggests 5 ‘blot-on’ units to existing popular topics. I hope that the book will help teachers to make simple changes to teaching in order to help young people take informed action. Informed participation is in the National Curriculum Geography orders and mentioned in the Curriculum for Excellence.

I will be talking about some of the principles and ideas behind Citizenship THROUGH Geography at the SAGT conference this weekend and at the GA Conference next year.

Themes covered:
1. What makes it so complicated to decide what’s British?
2. Is food really glorious?
3. Everyone has rights, right? How can our actions as consumers influence other people’s human rights?
4. Am I an eco-saint or an eco-sinner?
5. Do the people really have power in a democracy? The case of Heathrow

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