How do I find the time: Beyond the Google home page

This is a blog post aimed at supporting the Teacher Learning Communities session held today.

I introduced a two Google tools that improve productivity and, in my view, help improve learning. Both tools were aimed at teachers for improving continuous CPD.

1. Google Alerts

Great at keeping track of news events, especially if you teach a subject that relies covers lots of topical subjects. Also great for keeping track of your subject in the news.

2. Google Reader

Ollie Bray told me to start reading blogs in November 2006. Google Reader is a great tool for keeping a track of them. I introduced a number of blogs and have asked the group to keep am eye on them over the next half term. The blogs below were chosen as they are cross phase, cross curricular and have really challenged my thinking about LEARNING. They are also the blogs that have directed to to other blogs. I ignored Geography Blogs on purpose

Ollie Bray
Doug Belshaw
Tom Barrett (inb it’s new home)
Dan Roberts

There are hundreds, thousands even, of educational blogs out there so start small. Follow a few, and add one or two of your own subject. Spend 10-15 minutes each day checking Google Reader. Think about what is said. Can it be applied to your teaching? Do I agree with what is said?

To finish, I introduced Twitter. I used the tweets sent in reply to a plea – I wanted people to tell me why technology is good. There were some great responses, and I shared these with the group. Most of the replies talked about how access to information and ideas has improved by using technology.

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