Collaboration, Google Spreadsheet Case Study – 2

I like to think that I am a fast learner. I used this youTube clip with Year 11 today:

The point was that in collaboration, a rugby team can perform well. Then this clip:

I made the point that when a team member upsets the apple cart, the whole team can suffer. Whether that is reputation, or task. Well, OK I really wanted to express my disappointment at blatant Kiwi cheating resulting in another Wales loss, however, the class did relate to the point I was trying to make. This worked well when applied to the GCSE case-study – if the group worked well together, everyone would benefit. For example, C/D border line pupils would be able to access work by more able pupils.

The class were collaborating on a case-study about Machu Picchu in Peru. the blog post that supported the lesson can be found here.

The Google spreadsheet worked very well. This time, I labeled individual computers with a different aspect of the case study. These related to a tab and column within the document. This meant that each pair of pupils was accessing only one area of the spreadsheet – ensuring no accidental erasion.

I also appointed some potential A* pupils to act as moderators. Their job was to spot and alter any input that needed it. This role proved valuable in improving the quality of the overall comments.

The class rotated every 10/15 minutes – changing machine. I found that this removed any confusion over what section of the spreadsheet they were editing. The labels I placed on the computers helped!

The pupils will now complete a past paper question at home. They have been encouraged to access the spreadsheet at home, which is now has editing locked.

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