Sharing storm experiences

Considering the stormy nature of the SLN forum recently, I thought that a collaborative story sharing about the weekend’s storms would be useful to refocus on the positive.

I started a thread for forum users to share their experiences. One member set up a wiki-map, so I also Tweeted the map details.

The slideshare below was used to support the lesson:

It should be noted, that the South Today images were used to compare this weekend’s activity to March 2008.

This week, I am teaching this lesson to all of my Key Stage 3 classes. If we are to demonstrate how Geography is relevant to young people, this ‘Floating Topicality’ (Jeff Stanfied’s term) is essential. We all had great fun sharing stories – remember, Geographical adventures and descriptions of places and experiences are all good geography!

This is a great example of collaboration – creating workable resources that can be used effectively across the country. Thank you to all SLN members and Twitter contacts for getting involved!

How do you introduce floating topicality?

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