Teaching with Technology: it ain’t all about the students

I’m always weary of evangelists.  Especially those that sing the praises of one flavour of technology at the expense of others.  Personally, I consider myself an evangelist of what-works-really-well-in-the-classroom. To me, it seems short-sighted to discount some technology just because they aren’t fruit based.
Anyway, back on track – it’s also interesting to see that many posts about technology focus on pedagogy.  This is a very good thing, although it would nice to learn about what happens at the back end.  SIMs, PARs and SISRA et al may not be fit, but their use does help transform what goes on in the classroom.
One such innovation is Google Docs.  At my previous school, as Leader of @PrioryGeography, we used Google Docs to host all of our Schemes of Work.  It was the only real option at the time (2008ish) that allowed multiple users to collaborate on relatively secure documents.  Today, I may choose a different system.
By doing this, it became easy to drop links and new ideas into the document.  This benefited everyone and is an example of true collaboration, even when you can’t meet face-to-face.  In addition, by using Dropbox to store all of our resources, it became easy to link to specific resources and examples.
Another innovation came when we allowed students to access our curriculum.   They tweaked, made suggestions and wrote entire lessons – a really powerful use of Student Voice.
This all adds up to the present day.  The original members of @PrioryGeography are now spread around the South Coast, but we all still access these materials and now collaborate across schools.  In addition, people new to the department (from PGCE students to new members of the team) have a really clear structure in place.
Of course, I’m not going to confuse the tool, Google Docs, with the clear structures and thought that went into the curriculum design.
Teaching with Technology? It’s also about providing the tools to allow collaboration between colleagues wwith

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