Internet Radio and the Classroom

A few weeks ago, I was using Noel Jenkins’ excellent Montserrat resources when, on a whim I thought I would try to find some radio from Montserrat. To my delight, the DJ started discussing the reconstruction process and the issues related to redeveloping the capital.

This got me thinking. What other radio stations are out there and how could they be used?

Over the past few weeks there have been a few ideas, including:

  • Exploring time zones by listening to a station based in New York
  • Using Radio Samoa when investigating the Pacific Tsunami
  • Exploring classes to different cultures, e.g. music, language, by listening to a radio station from France

Listening to these stations is low cost and very effective.

Where else could we use Internet radio?

2 Responses

  1. 1. Comparing geographical coverage of news bulletins. For example, it is said that US news is state-parochial and not even national and other hypotheses such as the higher-degree of Asian-Pacific coverage in Australia and New Zealand compared with UK news.

    2. Rather morbidly, the incident death-toll has a distance or association component before they 'drop the dead donkey'. Recent example: Moscow to Leningrad train explosion story had a short media-life because, I suspect, it didn't have any Brits on board.

    With digital TV and radio you can listen to and watch the local services in the regions and nations of the UK – and, IMHO, see how trivial 'news' has become rather than real journalism which tackles local issues. And these should be geographical issues…

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