Twitter in the classroom: formative feedback

I have been playing around with a new (to me) way to use a Personal Learning Network during lessons this week.

I wanted a quick way of providing some formative feedback to pupils that wasn’t necessarily dependant on getting a response.

So, armed with the iPhone, I took photographs of work that I was pleased with. I then uploaded the photo using a Twitter App. My tweets and pics were then displayed to the class using a projector.

This had a number if effects:

  • Students’ felt motivated and praised if a photograph of their work as used.
  • Other young people in the class could see examples of good work, and use this information to modify or improve their own efforts.
  • Some feedback was received ‘live.’ When this was communicated to pupils they became even more motivated to improve their work.

What is important here is that there was no need for any live responses. Just the act of sharing the work during the lesson was enough for pupils’ to feel praised and their work valued.

I see this as being a sustainable use of a PLN in the classroom.

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