Revamping Settlement – together!

I don’t do this often! However, I wanted to see what would happen if I created a collaborative Scheme of Work. The inspiration for this was Ollie Bray‘s Keynote presentation at SAGT in October – he made the point that if we are to meet the needs of our learners we need to stop working in isolation!

I have created a Google Document. I’ve added my rough ideas of what could be included in the unit. I would love for readers either to:

a) Leave a comment here on what should be added.
b) Add ideas to the document.

I’m not looking for fully written lessons, just the ideas would be great. You also don’t have to be a geography or secondary teacher – I would like to get as many cross-curricular links in as possible.

I will be using John Davitt’s Random Learning Generator somewhere in the unit also.

The final unit will be shared!

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  1. Great idea Dave – makes me think that we should be doing this with all aspects of the the Curriculum in Scotland. I've added a coupl eof bits and will add some more things today.

    Might be get to get kids who dod the old version of the unit last year to contribute?

    Happy Sunday!


  2. Thanks Ollie – the plan is to extend to pupils. I would love to gather real-time comments from pupils (Twitter style?) throughout the units. Could add another dimension to assessment for learning and the evaluation cycle.

  3. David – just been for a long walk along Southsea seafront and thinking about your collaboration work. I have two ideas – not thought much past this at moment – but will develop for you. Firstly I passed a notice about safety by the sea, and I thought about the safeguarding issue which is prevalant at moment. SO – how safe do we feel living in Pomps? Could be developed along the lines of safety in and on the water, history of safety in the area with all the forts and navy.Radiation procedures in the city if a nuclear sub docks etc.
    Secondly – how about "Connections in Portsmouth" – links to Isle of Wight, France, sea links, sailing, tall ship races etc. What about other transport links? Connections to other parts of world with ethnic groups in the city/our schools. Is Portsmouth twinned??
    Thats it but thought I would share my walking thoughts before they left me once lesson planning started tonight!!

  4. Just got these from the PCC web site – not only are we twinned we have sisters and friends!!

    Caen, France
    Duisburg, Germany

    Sister links
    Haifa, Israel
    Maizuru, Japan
    Portsmouth (Virginia), USA
    Sydney, Australia

    Friendship links
    Lakewood (Colorado), USA
    Portsmouth (New Hampshire), USA
    Zha Lai Te Qi, China

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