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At the weekend I had the idea of putting together a collaborative unit of work centered around the geographical concept of Place. There was a fantastic response, especially from Primary Colleagues. The outline Scheme of Work can be found here as a Google Document. There are some great ideas, and others that I will need to add from SLN, Blog and Twitter comments. I will update the document on the train to London on Saturday.

The request to add outline ideas seemed to work well. This has created a ‘toolkit’ of ideas that can be developed further. Some contributers linked to existing work which is also very handy.

I think that the document is best used as a selection box (or a tin of Roses): take what you like and what will work in your particular context. It certainly isn’t a one-stop-shop. I hope that colleagues will continue to add ideas.

I’m not too happy with the layout as I think it may restrict contributers to a particular mode of thinking. I have also recieved feedback that there should be a better focus on the learning objectives.

I would like to thank all of those who have taken part so far! I hope that as many, if not more, also use ideas and material.

For my part, I am going to (attempt) to blog through one classes journey through the unit inspired by this activity, starting with my next post!

Photo Credit: Flickr User:matthew_sylvester

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