Our Place – Lesson 1

This is the first lesson of the Our Place unit. The unit is being taught to Year 7 pupils during Geography Lessons. I intend to write about this unit as it progresses, highlighting the links between it and the collaborative document set up to facilitate the unit’s development.

The learning objectives will be to:

  • Identify characteristics that set different places apart.
  • Work as a team to collect, present and interpret information
  • Understand that different groups of people will have different perspectives about differentplaces

The lesson presentation is embedded below:

The first activities link into the previous sequence of learning where Year 7 explored various geographical concepts through a range of amazing places.

We will then move on to consider what makes urban areas distinctive. I will be showing the Urban Earth video below. This is for the following reasons:

  1. I took part in the creation of the film, so it brings an element of personal geography.
  2. The place will be relatively unknown. This is essential as the extended homework / future fieldwork may be based upon something similar
  3. In my view, Urban Earth is an excellent resource that is under used in our classrooms.
This relative blandness of Bristol will be compared to Portsmouth, the view outside of my classroom, and a Wordle cloud created by asking my Twitter and Facebook networks. I want to get across the idea of persoective: places are only really distinctive if we look at the in a vcertain way. This is very much Psychogeography.

This work will lead into an enquiry where the class investigate the factors that make Priory School distintive.

Many thanks to all those who contributed to the collabrative document and my Bristol Twitter/Facebook plea!

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