Seeing the world differently – Urban Tweet Day Saturday 9th January

Some readers will know about my involvement with the Geography Collective. We are a band of academics, teachers, artists and Guerrilla Geographers with a common aim to encourage (young) people to see the world in different ways. There are many exciting projects coming up this year, including the launch of MISSION:EXPLORE and the Journey Journal. I would encourage all educators, parents and those involved with young people to look at these resources.

Keep reading for details of more exciting developments.

Anyway, one of the projects that Geography Collective members have been involved with is Urban Earth.

This Saturday is Urban Tweet Day:

If you enjoy looking at the world differently then this project is for you!

URBAN TWEET DAY is a side project of URBAN EARTH.

TWEET DAY is about tweeting what you see, hear, smell and sense in and around your urban world. Find something (un)interesting? Share it with us…

The idea is to record our perspective on our urban lives and habitat through an online stream of tweets that describe urban events and experiences as they happen.

By the end of the urban day we will have created a collaborative narrative – a descriptive portrait of urban life..

To take part all you need is:
1. The ability to Tweet (
2. To be in an urban area on Saturday 9th January 201
3. To include #utday in each of your related tweets

We’ll then be able to search the tweets to reveal our story.

Please do spread the word around, the more of us the better.. and leading up to the day, add the URBAN TWEET DAY Twibbon to your Twitter profile picture. If you don’t already, you can follow us on Twitter here.

Any questions, thoughts or ideas? Then see the Ning or get in touch!

3 Responses

  1. Ooohhh, I might just have to get involved in this, it'll give me something to tweet about.

    I'll also spread the word to friends I have in France, Germany, America and India if you like, unfortunately I think only one of those foreign friends has Twitter.

    I'll tell her about it and then Urban Tweet Day may get a French tint added to it!

    Nothing like a bit of internationality to spice up the day.

    Unless of course the rules strictly say that it's only for people in the UK of course.

    Nevertheless, I'll be doing it myself if I remember!

  2. Hi Steve,

    Great to have you on board. There are no geographical limits, in fact, the further away from the UK the better!

    Will also provide an excellent contrast between urban areas.

  3. Awesome! The locations of some of my friends abroad are as follows:

    6263 W Jewell Ave, Denver, CO 80232

    10 Boulevard du 22 Septembre, 82100 Castelsarrasin, France

    Midi-Pyrenees, France

    Gandaloou City, Castelsarrasin, France

    Barlin, France

    Erfurt, Germany

    Cleveland, Arkansas

    Rising Sun, Arkansas

    Check some of those out on GMaps if you like, just to get a general idea of where they are 🙂

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