Better turn it up to 11.

No idea where the time is going at the moment so my posts here are slipping a little! Just thought I’d give a little update – detailed posts to follow.

The image above was taken during a trip to North Wales and reminds me that without support I’m nothing. Whether it be the support of my family, friends, colleagues or of a great big ice axe! I’ve been struggling against what seems an unstoppable tide of anti-learning at the moment, so thank you just for being there.

Anyhow, this month I will mainly be:

  • Supporting BBC School Report
  • Taking part in an innovative workshop put together by members of The Geography Collective
  • Helping to launch a new book – MISSION:EXPLORE
  • Delivering twilight training for making cross-curricular links
  • Marking coursework (the last batch ever?)
  • Preparing for, and attending the European Innovative Teachers Forum in Berlin
  • Getting ready for the annual GA Conference (I’ll be bringing some 80’s style with me 😉
  • Teaching and helping develop trainees and potential trainees
  • Training for an off-road mountain bike ride along Sarn Helen from Cardiff to Conwy.

I may be needing some Oxygen……..

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