GA Conference 2010

Great to see from Alan that the GA Conference already has a hashtag #gaconf10. I am just beginning to think about what I’m up to at the conference, and I hope to see some of you there! One of last year’s highlights was sharing the biggest naan in the world with, amongst others, Rich Allaway and the SPC Committee.

I was involved in a number of sessions last year, including a workshop on different ways to use textbooks, Dan Raven-Ellison’s Urban Earth session and the SPC’s Doorstep Geography session coordinated by SPC member Emma.

This year I will be avoiding the barn again!
Thursday 8th April

Association at Work – a chance for the working groups to think about, er, stuff

Public Lecture, this year delivered by Richard Waite of ESRI(UK)

The Marston’s Brewery tour, with some bangers and mash and a chance to catch up with a few people.

Friday 9th April

Putting geography back on the map – a workshop presented by the SPC where I will be sharing some of the experiences at my current school in raising the profile of Geography.

Competence-based learning: the end of geography as we know it?a Forum chaired by Alan Kinder. I will be sitting on the panel

I want to break free! Expanding geography’s influence – A workshop that I am presenting during the graveyard slot of the first full day. I plan to include some Queen, Mr T and possibly some Yosemite Sam 😉

Friday evening will be a chance to catch up with people at the Hallmark Hotel. See Rich’s blog for information. I’m really looking forward to catching up!

Saturday 10th April

The MISSION:EXPLORE field visit – giving the other members of The Geography Collective a hand in exploring some of the 102 missions, and considering how they may be used in schools.

Of course, I plan on seeing some of the other sessions there 🙂

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