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I have to admit, that I’m not a great fan of leadership jargon.  Having said this, I do agree that it is important to have a clear, shared and well communicated vision.  Part of our curriculum planning day was given over to this.  As with most activities, I had two aims in mind.  The first was to strengthen our existing department vision and ethos, and the second was to practice and explore some of the ICT skills I want to see employed with classes.

I’m a great believer in learning new things by doing them as opposed to listening to someone talk about them.

The aim was to create a short video, to be published on YouTube, that communicated our own personal view of what Geography is. Although we probably need to work on the soundtrack, this was put together in under two hours (including a lunch break). This makes the activity viable for use in class as Geography only has 1.5 hours of contact time per week.

Here is the result:

We are pleased with the result (better soundtrack needed but in our defence we didn’t have the time to explore the huge range of Creative Commons music) and belive that it communicates our shared vision of Geography.

We plan to roll this out at every opportunity.  How do you communicate your vision? Do you think that this is a good way?

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