Using social media to expand classroom boundaries

This post is aims to consolidate most of the information on using Social Media in the classroom.  Regular readers will find much of this familiar.

The overview of the project is contained in this Virtual Classroom Tour submitted to the UK Partners in Learning network:

The original lesson evaluation and story can be viewed at this post.

This webinar given to European teachers and initiated by the Croatian branch of Partners in Learning also sums up how Twitter can be used to support learning. In particular, additional applications of the method are discussed. The webinar was recorded live, and starts 6 minutes into the recording, so you may wish to skip there! The file is available to download here.

This post describe how the same methods were used to explore the Haitian earthquake.

I have tried to share the technique widely, through this blog and also through face-to-face training sessions, including the one embedded below.

This includes a description of how Twitter was used to provide formative feedback to pupils.  Further details on this can be read about here.

Further suggestions of using Twitter in the classroom are described in this screencast:

Some reflections on the sustainable use of Twitter in the classroom can be found here.

And where did the pedagogical adventures in social networking begin? Why, with exploring cheese on toast! Read about it here.

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