Switching on to the emotion of learning

What is the point of education?  It’s a deep question I know. Is it to impart facts and pass exams, or is there something deeper?  I often see teachers grappling with the facts and bare bones of a topic , without delving deeper.  Geographers are a classic example: examinining case studies from around the world without exploring the wider context of the country.  Such learning is merely the tip of the iceburg.
Of course, it’s not our fault.  The examination system has always been focused upon facts and knowledge recall (no, it’s not really a new Gove invention) and there is limited time and so much content….
What can we do to encourage young people to fall in love with the places, people, problems and passions that we explore in our institutions?  Wouldn’t setting learning within a wider context actually assist in the recall of knowledge?

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