Why teach?

It’s a question that I get asked a lot, especially as many people within friendship groups aren’t teachers.  I can honestly say that I love this job, but when pressed for a reason why…….

Please excuse the rambling nature of this post, it’s part of a work avoidance tactic 😉

The #ukedchat discussion centred around this question for a while yesterday evening, and after refection I’ve come to three conclusions.

1. It’s like the Littlest Hobo

The Littlest Hobo was one of the TV shows that I grew up on, but all I can ever remember is the theme tune. Maybe there is some ‘Voice’ that keeps calling me back to the classroom.  The programme is also not about a loner but a collaborator moving around in the world.  I think that sums up the adventure that is, and probably always has been, education.  It also reflects the feeling I have that being a classroom teacher, confined to one room and one groups of children, is not enough.  As a middle leader I find that I am both empowered and frustrated.  Empowered because I can shape the geography experience of many children.  Frustrated because I am still confined by whole school issues and policies that seem anti-learning, and sometimes even anti-children.

2. There is a saying in caving “Mountaineers do it because it’s there, cavers do it because of what might be there.’  I love working with young people, and love the fact that they aren’t the prefect, finished article yet.  There are many influences on children today, but the thought that I may play a small part in their development is an exciting challenge.

3. When I started teaching I taught Geography because it helped me to understand the world around me. This is still important and central to my teaching outlook, but now I’ve realised that I enjoy teaching because I am a learner.  I enjoy learning.

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