Managing Local Fieldwork: Doorstep Geography


The last project that I finished was for Philip Allan.  The idea of the Managing Local Fieldwork pack is that it supports schools in developing their school grounds for fieldwork.  This isn’t just limited to secondary school geography departments as I’ve tried to make as much as I could relevant to other contexts.

I do enjoy working on book projects as it gives me the chance to reflect upon my own practice.  This project builds upon the work of the GA’s Secondary Phase Committee (and especially Emma Johns) during the Manchester Conference a well as my own in developing an programme of outdoor learning.


The pack contains a CD ROM full of presentation, reading and video material. I’m pleased that the editors allowed me to omit the presentation slide note pages. There is also a full course script and a book to help with presentation skills (not written by myself)

I will be talking about developing fieldwork using the school grounds and local area at the Scottish Association of Geography Teachers’ Annual Conference in October.

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