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Yesterday marked the first meeting of the Portsmouth Area Geography Network.  The network, which is supported by the Royal Geographical Society, aims to provide an informal forum in which geography educators can support each other.

Yesterday’s gathering focussed on the use of Google Earth and Bing Maps in the classroom using three principles:

  • Google Earth is freely available
  • Google Earth is Free
  • Google Erath is simple to use

For those of you that are fans of the Apprentice, Google Earth and Bing Maps are ‘JFDI.’

The session was split into three sections:

Built in features

For example the timeline, distance ruler and sightseeing tours

Internet Available features

How to download KML, KMZ and map overlays.

Features that teachers create

Such as placemarks, tours and how to use the programme in order to support GCSE Controlled Assessment.


The group intends to meet once each half term. If you are in the Portsmouth Area, it would be great to see you at the next get together!

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