The dice lesson

I plan to talk about how a little less planning can lead to more personalisation and better learning outcomes at the Microsoft Teacher Meeting (#itmeet) on the 29th of this month. The event is part of the build up to the Innovative Education Forum (#ukief10).

dice 1

Of course, planning is an essential part of the learning process and I’m not suggesting that teachers should stop planning. Far from it.

One example is to use a dice to decide. 

  • Divide the class into six teams.
  • Ask the teams to decide upon a variable, in this case how to present the project; example key questions to investigate and the number of lessons and homework activities that should be devoted to the project. This can easily de adapted and encouraging negotiation, creative thinking and team building.


  • Add the scraps of paper to the dice.
  • Ask a student to roll the dice.
  • Accept the outcome.

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