Win free bespoke missions to promote you / your business / your group on the Mission Explore website and App.

As regular reader will know, I’m involved with The Geography Collective.  Another of the collective, Daniel, has written this guest post:

We are offering 10 organisations the opportunity to create bespoke activities for free on Mission:Explore. All you have to do is have a good idea.

Mission:Explore includes over 1,000 missions. There are location specific missions like ‘Share tee with the Queen‘ and anywhere missions like ‘Flash dance!‘ which is sponsored by National Geographic Education as part ofGeography Awareness Week.

Missions can be located anywhere in the world and appear as sponsored by our parnters. Each mission usually costs £99 a year (much less on an ‘unlimited’ plan) and includes a bespoke activity, your logo, a link, some words about who you are and a waterproof sticker. Above is an example from Ed Stafford and here is one from The Workshop in central London.

To win a bespoke mission all you need to do is:

Converse with a cow1. Come up with a good mission idea

This should include:

– a link to where the mission would take place

– an activity title of no more than 30 characters

– an activity description of no more than 200 characters

2. Email your idea to before the end of November 2010. We will then pick out the 10 best mission ideas to include on and the iPhone app for 1 year.

That’s it. Anyone can enter. You can even promote yourself if you like. We will be looking for mission ideas that fit in with how we do things, other than that you can suggest what you like and enter as many times as you like. Our decision is final and we reserve the right to do anything we want. Other than that, good luck!

Visit the Mission:Explore website, download the iPhone appand get the book!

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