The problem with lessons

I have a massive problem with lessons.  The focus upon lessons, instead of sequences of lessons.  Stuff doesn’t get learned within neat chunks.  Knowledge has more chance of sinking in over time. Skills get honed by application to other, unknown contexts.
I’m privileged to be able to visit many lessons, but recently I’ve been on the hunt. It’s clear when learning has been focused over many lessons as opposed to a one off whizz bang performance. Artefacts are made and links are made.  
Take our recent exhibition of technology and art work.  This stuff takes real time to put together. The mystery was created through some giant arrows throughout the school:

Inside, the work was displayed:

Of course, the fruit of extended learning is found all over the school. Real learning takes time, and real learning needs to be really quite difficult at times. When was the last time you went looking for it?  When was the last time you celebrated it?  Do you focus on best lessons, or best sequences?

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