Earliest memory of reading?

My grandfather (Welsh side) was in hospital.  I was reading a book linked to Disney / Mickey Mouse and it was upside down.  He helped me.  I remember because he died shortly afterward.  I link books I’ve read to the events and places at the time.
When and where do you like reading?
Whenever I can – camping, travelling, on the sofa with a pint mug of builder’s brew.  I’m getting into Biff and Chipper of an evening at the moment.
What sorts of things do you read?
All sorts of things.  I really enjoy the Jack Reacher, Ben Hope type thrillers. Terry Pratchett’s Discworld is a favorite. Climbing and travel books, such as the White Spider.  Recently I’ve been reading lots of books about Iceland (the sagas are amazing – Vikings, gore and magic – what’s not to like?) and running – especially ultra running.
Best book(s) read in the past year?
Hard to narrow down, so I cheated. Chrissie Wellingon, Life Without Limits.  Any book that starts with a discussion on the merits of thorough lubrication and how to poo whilst in the middle of a Iron Man bike race leg is bound to appeal to me.  Also, it’s inspiring to read about someone who struggled with body image come through. Also, the Challengers Almanac and the last Jack Reacher book.
Guilty pleasure?
I dip into those books that slag off teaching /DfE/Government and say how bad our job is.  It’s quite amusing how way off some people are.
Online reads?
I have a kindle – it’s bomb proof and light – useful when backpacking. I do love physical books though and I like the fact my son can grab books, flick through and ask questions. I love the fact that using my kindle, I can take ideas for lessons, assemblies and other stuff to build on later.
Running magazines.  Unless I’m up a mountain or in the woods.
What do you do with finished books?
Put  them on the shelf – refer back to them. Books deserve to be battered and well-thumbed. Mine are full of turned page corners, scribbles and ideas.
Where do you buy your books?
Special offers here and you still can’t beat a book shop for inspiration.
Online reading?
Various blogs. I enjoy physical papers and magazines, but the National Geographic App is immense as is the Guardian paper app.  Reading something that doesn’t offer more than just text online is just not worth it.
Finish the sentence: Reading is…
the time when the little boy David deep inside me comes out to play, imagine and inspire.

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