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photo (4) I find the short videos produced by BrainPOP UK very useful when I need to get an idea across quickly.  I’ve even used their videos in the run up to GCSE examinations for quick revision.

As we try to make Geography relevant to young people our department often takes time to explore events in the news.  The Haitian Earthquake or Icelandic Dust Cloud of doom are good examples.

This is where a very useful feature of BrainPOP UK comes in: their free spotlight video.  Although not as good as a subscription, this allows geographers to explore. In the caser of the Icelandic Dust cloud of doom, the video explained the different types of volcanoes.  photo (7)

Now this feature is available as an iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad App.

The app allows you to view the current free video and take a little quiz.  Although this summative style of quiz is not always appropriate, it can provide a quick summary of a students understanding on a simple topic.

This week’s video is all about bogies! I should listen a little bit better though!

photo (6)photo (5)

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  1. Thanks so much for the review of our new App, David. Also, there will be actulaly be a new movie every day! You'll have to check back with it tomorrow to find out what it is…


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