Guerrilla Geography @ Priory

Guerrilla Geography has been a concept developed by The Geography Collective. I posted last week about how it is always great to see members of the team give CPD to others, and it was great to see a seed of an idea being embedded within our practice. 

These slides were produced to support a presentation by Jo Debens and Lisa Whiting.

Before I go too far, please remember that Guerrilla Geography is a small part of what we do.  There are established Schemes of Work, assessment points and links to the wider curriculum.

We believe that this style of activity encourages:

  • The use of spaces that are outside of the classroom;
  • Encourages engagement through ‘naughty’ learning: pupils feel like they are undertaking a covert activity.
  • The development of pupils’ understanding of space, micro-ecosystems, empathy, sense of place and team work

Guerrilla Geography and naughty learning. If you’d like to learn more, we will be speaking at the Geographical Association’s Annual Conference next month.

If you’d like access to our Schemes of Work – contact me via Twitter @daviderogers

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