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I started this blog in December 2006 after watching a presentation by Ollie Bray at the Scottish Association of Geography Teacher’s Annual Conference in Dundee.  The purpose if this blog is to provide a space for reflection and of the sharing of some stories.  I’m always surprised when people contact me about something that they’ve seen here.

EBA-Badge-Class-Blog-VTo be honest, with the Google Search function, this blog serves as a digital filing cabinet of things we’ve got up to.  It makes it so much easier to find stuff again! You can ask anyone that I work closely with that paper and me just doesn’t go together!



EBA-Badge-Most-Blog-VAnyway, it was a surprise when Chris Ratcliffe contacted me yesterday evening saying that this space had received a nomination.  Now, I strongly believe in recognising the work of teachers, especially work done that is ‘above and beyond’ the job description.  The sharing of ideas via a blog, to me, does qualify.  However (and those that work closely with me will disagree with me here Winking smile), I’ve never been one for self promotion – I have a big enough head……

EBA-Badge-School-Blog-VWhat I would say is that you should nominate a person or organisation that is just out of the limelight.  Someone that deserves some recognition that you know about.  This could be someone in your school, Local Authority, a Twitter contact or someone you met once at a conference. 

So, here are the links. I’m not going to say who you should vote for, just vote SmileVisit the Education Blog Awards 2011 site to vote.


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