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An interesting day culminating in the chance to meet some candidates for the headship available at my school.  I may well take this post down later as being too pretentious.  A remark by someone about expecting questions about mobile technology (I asked about learning spaces) got me thinking about what people know about me.  I hadn’t met this person before and yet they made an assumption.

Strange really, as the technology side of our department is only around 20% maximum of what we do.

Taking inspiration from the gapingvoid manifesto I thought I’d make a crude attempt at summing up what I am about:


  • Geography is my passion. I believe that it holds the key to creating individuals who not only understand their world but who are able to engage with it and, more importantly, to change it. However, the education of individuals (and not just children) is far more important to me.
  • Sometimes the most innovative thing we can do involves a piece of paper and a pint of tea. Technology isn’t necessarily pedagogical innovation.
  • I’m about the team.  At least, I hope that’s what they say about me 😉

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