Iceland Final Preparations

74796_10150294774085092_573680091_15660207_7950011_nAn overseas residential trip with young people is always stressful.  In this post I aim to share the last minute thoughts and preparations that I go trough.  This post links to an early one about the pre-visit stage.

The final preparations assume that all money and forms have been collected in.  This is not an exhaustive list, but these are some of the tips that I have found useful in the past:

  • Create A5 booklets of medical forms and passport information and give one to each member of staff.
  • Split the group in to smaller registration groups. So with 30 pupils and 3 staff there would be 3 groups of 10.  This is far easier and far far less faff than registering the whole group each time. Give staff laminated, colour coded, lists of pupils and take spares.
  • Give out hoodies. These are great for identifying pupils in the airport that should be with you.
  • Scan in and email to staff a PDF which contains all passport and medical information.  That way all we need is an internet connection if something goes astray.
  • Don’t over brief staff.  There are hours and hours in the departure lounge (not to mention a couple in the Blue Lagoon) to chat over detail.  Just focus on getting the pupils checked in and through security.
  • Drink lots of coffee.
  • Set up a photo competition for students. Take a netbook / laptop and card reader to share images.
  • Sort out dongles and wifi access for pupil blogging and letting all know that we are safe.
  • Secure a cash float from the school for emergencies.

I think that’s about it – we head off one week tomorrow Smile

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