#gaconf11 SPC Session: Geography: it tick(les) the boxes others cannot reach.

This post is the first from the Geographical Association’s Annual Conference 2001 which is taking place in Guildford.  The slideshow embedded below. They will also be available on the Secondary Phase Committee pages and I’m sure the GA Conference pages soon also.

The session had two aims:

1. To help geography leaders see how geography can contribute to wider curriculum aims.  This can promote the subject within schools and, more importantly, contribute to the education of children.

2. To help geography teachers put some of this into practice by sharing ideas.

To us at the SPC, who are a community of people, networks and communities of teachers are vital, especially in the light of continuous curriculum change.  We should also add that we see all geographers as leaders of geography regardless of role.

These ideas were based upon discussions at SPC meetings and also our top ten tips for Geography in the wider curriculum available here (PDF).

If you want to know more about the SPC, find out who we are here and get in touch if you fancy coming along to join in.

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