#gaconf11 Mission:Explore exploration


photo (1)This year saw the second Mission:Explore field visit.  The aims of the session were to familiarise teachers with naughty, mission based learning and to have a bit of a giggle.

The images in this post are a selection from those posted on Twitter during the session.

photo (2)I would like to thank the 40 or so participants for creating a really energetic session. We saw everything from the creation of accent sound maps to building bridges.

photo (3)

The main learning points of the session were:

  • Mission:Explore are not textbooks. They aren’t written for teachers and you should never start at Mission 1 and move forward.
  • As mentioned before and by many others, Teachers are creative – use the missions to create schemes of work, lessons, learning points.
  • Remember, it’s often the conversations afterward that the Geography comes out overtly. The rest of the time its covert, a little silly and a touch naughty.

photo (5)

photo (4)

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