What makes an effective annotated map?

This post is one in a series aimed at Year 10 Priory Geographers.  Remember, all comments are moderated and no pupil comments will be published.

Here are two resources to help you plan the two annotated maps that should accompany your introduction. 

Download the first presentation to access a selected of photographs.  You can use these if you like, but remember to acknowledge the source.  It’s better if you use your own shots though! You’ll also find the criteria for what makes up a good annotated map. Also remember that a sketch map is worth more marks.

This second presentation is a partially completed annotated OS map.  Remember that your finished maps should have at least 5-6 detailed annotations.  You may want to plan at home what you will add onto your maps during the controlled conditions.

What is vitally important is that you remember that once handed in, you will not be able to edit or change you work.

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