Hengistbury Head Photographs

This post is aimed at Year 10 students at Priory School undertaking their Controlled Assessment project.  Please remember that comments are moderated and none that appear to be from students will be published.

The Flickr set below contains a wide range of photographs taken in and around the study area.  Remember that you will gain more marks if you use your own images.  If you decide to use these images (or any others that are not your own) remember:

  • Include a link / reference to the original location and credit the photographer.
  • There are many images in the set. Not all of them will be relevant to your key questions or hypothesis.  Quite frankly, some of them are not much use at all. Remember that you gain marks for being able to select the best data for your work.
  • The images have a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial licence.  Your teacher will explain to you what 88x31this means – but essentially you should acknowledge the source image (see above)

So, if you haven’t got your own images, visit here.  There is also a slideshow embedded below.

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