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Priory School hosted its first TeachMeet yesterday evening.  The event went as planned with some very useful networking afterwards.  The event was rather small scale, but we think that’s what a TeachMeet should be.  It should be a regular meeting of teachers, cross phase and curriculum, that get together to chat, eat cake and share ideas.

It was great that no one really focused on just one product, which has become a feature of some presentations in the past.

Jo Debens (@GeoDebs) spoke about naughty learning and Guerrilla Geography.  I enjoyed this as it really does mean that the ideas and direction set by the department really is being shared with all.  I am very lucky to work with Jo and I know that very soon she will be a fantastic head of geography.

I shared our department vision. You can watch the video here.  This video format was really quite challenging to make as it forced us to focus and narrow down what we wanted to do.  We added ‘challenge’ and ‘awetastic’ this year. It’s important to note that it is a living statement and basically is our development plan. We revisit it regularly, and sit through the 2 minute cheese fest to inspire ourselves, our students and ask ourselves whether we really are still making teaching and learning better.  I would urge any team to have a go at this approach.

I also spoke about the development of our co-constructed mobile device policy. I plan to post about this over the summer once all is in place.

Ian Addison demonstrated a few website and even broke Prezi, quite a feat! We were also subjected to his poor musical ability and some rather quite random websites.  This to me was very useful.  As a secondary teacher it is very easy to lose touch with Key Stages 1 and 2.  This shouldn’t happen, and being able to see what younger children are using and up to is great.  I’ve never seen Ian speak before, so it was good to finally see him in action.

After Ian’s 7 and a bit Winking smile minutes it was time for Gideon Williams.  He spoke about Digital Leaders. I loved the way that Year 5 and 6 students were being used to train up older, secondary age children and it’s definitely something to aim for.

All in all, I like the relaxed, small room. It quite fits my style.  With smaller, local get togethers, relationships can be forged that are sustainable and local. 

Finally, a huge thanks to Rich Allaway, Helen and Anthony at Espresso / ClipBank, Chjris at Scholastic and Andrea at Rising Stars.  your support of the event gave us all confidence, supplied some fantastic cake, wine and prizes.

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