Coastal Defences in Portsmouth

Thank you to Alan Parkinson for helping me to turn off the autoplay!

We have put together another little coastal video to help GCSE students remember some of the coastal defences that are used in Portsmouth.  It was a bit challenging as it was a very sunny day yesterday so HMS Illustrious and sunbathing truants provided some challenging filming conditions!

You’ll notice that the video is uploaded to O2 Learn which runs a fortnightly competition.  In times of tight funding, schools need as much funding opportunities as possible.  The main motivation for the video is to provide a resource for learning. If the slim chance of winning takes place, I will give any personal prize money from the fortnightly competition to Help for Heroes, a charity which has is close to one of my brother’s heart. Anyway, let me know what you think, and I hope that someone finds it useful!

View and rate the video here.

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