O2 Learn – an uncomfortable post

Over the weekend the department and I created and uploaded a video to the O2 Learn site.  This was an uncomfortable action but, in the current climate of funding cuts, I really believe that it’s worth entering even when the chance of winning is slim. During filming, HMS Illustrious steamed into Portsmouth Harbour – making for some interesting filming conditions!

I’m also uncomfortable at promoting myself / doing the whole ‘vote for me’ thing. However, look at the site and consider the site’s strap line:

“Welcome to Britain’s biggest classroom. A library of revision lessons from the best teachers in the country”

I’m not saying that our video deserves to win, but I’d like you to consider supporting it, if you think that it’s good enough.  The problem is that you need to be a registered user. I have some reservations with this and would understand if readers didn’t want to do so.  The video with the highest rating / number if views will win the fortnightly prize and progress to the judged round. There are some very useful videos within the archives, but I’ll let you form your own opinion 😉

I’m hoping that regular readers of this blog will support this rare request.

If you’d like to help (and think the video is any good) then please follow these instructions:

1. Head to O2 Learn: https://www.o2learn.co.uk/index.php and register using the link at the top right of the screen.

2. Once registered, log in and view this video https://www.o2learn.co.uk/o2_video.php?vid=1435 Apologies for the funky head dance half way through!

3. If you think that it’s any good, rate it.

4. Pass on the link to others.

Alternatively, upload a video and let me know so I can be promoting it! If you already have a video uploaded, contact me with the link and I’ll help promote it.

I should add that in the slim chance that the video wins, I will be donating the fortnightly personal prize to Help for Heroes.

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