Geography @ Priory officially a Centre of Excellence

SGQM-CoE-goldlogoAs part of my role as Chair of the GA’s Secondary Phase Committee, I found myself in a basement near Euston Station on Saturday taking part in discussions with the rest of the Education Committee. 

As part of proceedings, the department was officially given the GA’s Secondary Geography Quality Mark Centre of Excellence status.

Thanks again to all of those that made that possible.  As mentioned before, this is just a stage on the journey and we are all looking forward to this year’s adventures.

The moderators said:

“The geography department at Priory has already been on a journey that has involved staff and students in extending the opportunities for teaching and learning, and the ‘vision’ and support for the departmental team is strong.  The subject leader has boundless energy, and the department is supportive, and looks to overcome the physical restrictions of the school’s site wherever possible.  We are delighted to award Priory School the SGQM with Centre of Excellence in recognition of this and the work in the wider geographical community which includes RGS-IBG networks and support for the Geographical Association.’

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