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I work with a great team of people.  And I like to plan.  In fact, I consider the annual action plan to be a vital document.  That’s providing that it becomes a living document and not filed away somewhere and forgotten.  The image above shows what our priorities over the next twelve months are.  I’m not going to share the full detail of the plan, but the main aims and objectives are at the bottom of the post.

I would offer a handful of tips for completing an action plan:

  • ensure that as many points as possible link to the Headteacher’s vision and whole school plan;
  • base actions upon measurable outcomes and data from last year (including lesson observations, pupil option numbers, GCSE results etc)
  • Write the plan with the team, make sure they are happy with what they are responsible for (or at least let them look at it and agree before you stich them up Winking smile )
  • Share the load.  It’s apart of the teaching standards to take a team view of the curriculum, for example. Personally, I don’t think it’s acceptable for anyone not to be involved in making learning better and leading projects.
  • Keep it simple and short. It’s just not possible to hit a billion targets
  • Include some stuff that you have already done.  Some stuff that you need to do, but maybe mundane. Most importantly, include some really wacky cool stuff (appropriately linked to the school development plan)
  • Cost it all up, including CPD opportunities (such as curriculum development away days for example)

I won’t give away all the secrets – my Head may be reading this Winking smile

Geography @ Priory Plan 2011-2012 (Headlines)

A strategy to make Geography a leading department at Priory School by:


1. Leading Learning

· Creating Inspiring Lessons and an inspiring environment.

2. Leading Improvement

· Focus on progress for all pupils

3. Leading Innovation

· Developing Independent learners.

4. Leading Enrichment

· Creating actively engaged pupils in an actively engaged school.

5. Leading Support

· Socially and emotionally aware staff and pupils


Geography @ Priory should:

1. Further developing a co-constructed curriculum that motivates and inspires pupils.

2. Improve the quality of teacher interventions linked to progress and attainment data.

3. Develop a pedagogy that supports the use of mobile devices in learning.

4. Provide opportunities for young people to engage with curriculum and whole school change.

5. Embedding the language of Rights, Respects and Responsibilities

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