The power of networks: the case of the Tashtastic Geographers

o borth

Last month was Movember.  It’s the second time that I’ve taken part, this time as part of a team of geography teachers. 

On reflection, this is a great use of a network (personal learning or otherwise). If networks are all about individuals, then their activities must reflect the range of interests and personalities if it is to become sustainable.  Personally, I have joined many networks and the either left or failed to engage fully because the community doesn’t reflect interests.  In other words, a network needs to have a personality.

Check out the Hodder Geography Nest for a rouges gallery.

You can still sponsor the team here.

What networks do you engage with the most? Mine are:

  • The team at work – crazy bunch of geographers, but we share similar interests and socialise.
  • Local RGS(IBG) Geography network – we help run these at Priory, but face-to-face is always better than over the net.
  • Twitter – I usually take it seriously, but not always.  Two of my first contacts, Ollie Bray and Alan Parkinson, actually encourage banter via Twitter.  People who don’t take themselves too seriously in my view, rock.
  • Partners in Learning – it’s difficult to describe why I like PiL so much, but a lot of it is to do with Stuart Ball.  What could be a corporate, grey suited mare-fest, is actually an encouraging, go-to-for-help and supportive community.  I’m looking forward to seeing what the new website (currently in BETA) will be like.
  • Subject Associations (Geographical Association and Royal Geographical Society) – like minded people and all that. Which reminds me, it must be approaching #gaconf12beermeet time?
  • The Geography Collective – because it’s not ALL about National Curriculum and OFSTED.

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