Use what we have but better.

use what we have but better

Just putting together (in advance!!) Priory Geography’s session on free Microsoft Tools.  There have been some high profile faffs centred around tools recently and it seems that we should always be using something else, newer, different or supposedly better.  In reality, many of these newer tools do the same sort of thing as we had before.

The slide above is one of the main messages of the workshop and shows our young people repurposing some familiar textbook series during the Dysarticulate project.

In the school contexts that we inhabit, the main operating system is Windows.  I’m not saying that everything Microsoft is the answer to everything, nor to educational revolution, creativity or innovation.  But, I’d rather my team spend energy, time and money on exploring how we can use what we have better.

Maybe it’s a personal thing, but I stick to the same-ish IT tools.  Am I uncreative? A bad teacher? Uninnovative? I’ll let you decide Winking smile

Hope to see some of you at the #gaconf12 session.

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