A question, student’s own devices and the Learning Event Generator.

photo (88)

Not a new idea this, but always one worth revisiting.  Year 7 are in the process of investigating sporting connections while avoiding Olympic fatigue.   Two lessons:

The question: ‘How do my clothes connect me to other countries?’


  • Students own devices (a mixture of blackberry and other internet capable machines linked to the student wifi)
  • The department’s iPads
  • Paper, pens, pencils, rulers, well the whole classroom of stuff.

The Learning Event Generator Options:

  • A comic Strip
  • A blues song
  • A text message

Teacher input: nill (apart from educating the class about what a Blues song was)

The output:

photo (89)This blues song was put together and shared using the OneNote iPhone application (with the student using their own device and using it with the group)





photo (90)

And an actual pen and paper comic strip.  Quite a few students composed text messages, which had to be sent to a friend in the class.  Those who chose this option had an unlimited text tariff.

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