Let me introduce you to @PrioryBench #priorybench

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Linked to the Mobile @ Priory project that I’ve been developing over the past year or so, the Design technology team led by teacher Alex Blandford came up with the idea of creating a bench that would tweet and tell the story of its transformation from neglected item to restored centrepiece. 

DTRM folding bookLee and Ian at Borbonesa have put together a neat folding project book as students focus on the 6 R’s of sustainability.  The idea is the bench will tweet out images during its transformation.

During the secret classroom show case, the bench travelled to a few locations around the school, including the roof, the astro turf for break duty and the main hall.  It was amazing to witness the bench achieve celebrity status as young people scrambled to scan the QR code, created with the school’s laser cutter.

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