iPhone / iPad App: Mind Node


Mind Node is ‘pricy’ for an iPhone / iPad App (although I never really relate to that as quality is, erm, quality).  I’ve played around with a few mind mapping tools, and haven’t really got on with any of them before Mind Node.  I’m still a scribble it down sort of bloke.

I thought I’d share a few ideas of using Mind Node that have been tried out at Priory Geography over the past few weeks.

1. Creating collaborative mind maps around Alan Parkinson’s landscape in a box idea.

2. Year 11 revision mindmaps

3. Planning my own lessons and developing something to do with something.

4. Creating mindmaps whilst watching video resources.

I’ve found that less able students relate well to the interface, and I like the range of export and sharing options available through the App, you can even save work to Dropbox.


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