Make a difference in 2016: Come along to TeachMeet Solutions

In 2016, a team of us will be putting together a gathering of like minded professionals: TeachMeet Solutions. It’s going to be a bit different from the usual, with no presentations. Instead, we will be going back to when TeachMeets were conversations around a table.  There are many unconferences that aren’t, this isn’t one of them. We have modest aspirations; half a dozen people in a room would be great. More would be a bonus.

This isn’t a new breed of TeachMeet, rather a return to the original concept: teachers meeting together to talk about teaching.  Leave the ego at the door, there won’t be a keynote and there won’t be presentations.  Instead participants will all be contributors.  

Each person who signs up will be asked to nominate an issue they’d like to either discuss or share ideas around.
Staffrm will be used in the run up to the event to spark thinking and discussion ahead of the day.  
On the day, there’ll be lots of informal conversations that lead to changes in your practice.
Everyone is welcome. Every contributor will be valued.
Our aim is to ignite collaboration and build a community.
Conversations will continue after the event in Brighton. Refreshments will be available.

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