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I’m pleased to report that I have been appointed as Professional Tutor at Priory School.  This Associate SLT role is responsible for:

     Co-ordination of teachers’ continuous professional development as identified through the performance management process
     Development of the whole staff through the designing of INSET activities and Professional Learning Time in order to meet the school’s strategic priorities
     Induction Tutor overseeing the induction of Newly Qualified Teachers according to statutory requirement

It’s a role that this blog, Twitter and the professional network built over the past few years have hand in.

Of course, it’s like standing on the edge of the unknown Winking smile  Anyway, in the tradition of sharing, my vision for professional learning can be summarised by these five statements:

  • We need to use what we have but better.
  • If you’re not creating trouble, you’re not creating much.
  • Teachers are a mixed ability set of learners.
  • Teachers and young people are agents of change.
  • If you don’t use it, it’s not CPD.

More on the detailed plans at a later date as they are refined, but you can get the general gist in this MindNode below.

Mind Map

Many thanks to  the Priory Geography team and to all of those that I have worked with over the past few years.  Particular thanks to Simon Renshaw, for sending me the link to his CPD project and to Ollie Bray. It’s still all your fault Winking smile

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