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In January this year I started running, mainly thanks to what Kenny had been up to last year.  The aim is to run 500 miles this year, and I’m getting there.  In order to provide some motivation, I’m trying to put some challenges together over the next twelve months or so.  Mainly this is to retain a work / like balance as well as get fit and get back to taking part in some madness from time to time.

I’m aware of charity fatigue in in asking for too much, so I’m going to mix up the running and other challenges.  So far the plan in to:

  • Complete the Great South Run for Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research in October 2012. As a teacher I’ve worked with some young people who have battled against these and they are an inspiration.
  • Complete the Brighton Marathon for Sussex Search and Rescue in April 2013.  I’ve chosen Sussex Search and Rescue as they are a lowland rescue organisation that are 100% voluntary and, like the Mountain Rescue Teams, not funded by the tax payer.  I’m also going to hopefully get involved with the team later this month.
  • Complete the London2Brighton Challenge with my good friend Alex Blake in May 2013 for War Child.  As a father and a geographer, my heart breaks at the treatment of young people in war torn countries around the world.
  • Complete the Trailwalker event in July 2013.
  • Complete a 4 day multi-Munro expedition.
  • Get around the Snowdon Horseshoe quicker than my last time for 5 hours something next week (eek!)
  • Finally get along the whole South Downs Way.

If you’d like to support my chosen charities, then visit my Virgin Money Page.  If you’d like to support me in other ways, just hurl encouragement and abuse at me via Twitter or Facebook!

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