Simple but effective ideas: blind drawing


Year 10 continue their adventures looking at coastal processes at the moment.  The parts I really enjoy involve the interaction between people and the geomorphic processes, but before really unpicking that young people really need to have a thorough grasp of the physical processes.

In an attempt to teach Constructive and Destructive waves in a slightly different way (in other words avoid the copy and complete / maps from memory activities that I have used in previous years) I tried something a little different this week.

  1. Get students in pairs.
  2. Issue each pair with a mini-whiteboard and a pen.
  3. Each pair needs to have one person with their back to the class whiteboard while the other faces it.
  4. Reveal the diagram.
  5. The person with their back to the board must draw the diagram without looking, using the directions, descriptions and ideas from their partner who can see the diagram.
  6. Swap roles and reveal the next type of wave.

This was a last minute thing on my part and worked well.  The class was able to focus on the vital examination skill of accurate description while exploring the diagram.  I found that the classes recall of waves during today’s examination practise was slightly better than last year.

photo (107)photo (108)

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