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I’ve been a user of Dropbox for quite some time now and have found it very useful in the classroom to support AfL and share resources between members of Priory Geography.  Compared to other cloud based facilities, the ability to create a folder structure and for the contents to be automatically shared and uploaded is very useful. In addition, it’s very easy to generate links to share resources through Facebook and other outlets.

The limitation has always been having to rely upon the rather limited 2GBs included in the free version, or having to pay for extra space.  This has been solved by the relatively recent introduction of Dropbox for Teams. I have to admit that the slick sign up was problematic at our place, but once through we have five accounts and 1TB of space.  This means that all resources can be shared, and the department budget is taking the strain.  Accounts are blended into existing user accounts, and for a small team of our size it works well, allowing all members of the group to access and share resources.  So far the support has been excellent, and a full evaluation will take place over the year.

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