Running Boy.


I’m sitting down to ponder and produce the final posts of 2012.  One change this year saw me take up running.  I aimed to complete the Great South Run (which I did in 1hr 24mins) and run a total of 500 miles during the year.  I ended up running 600.


I’m quite pleased with this achievement and have set my sights on completing the Brighton Marathon in 2012 as well as some other events (feel free to post / tweet your recommendations).  I even went running on Christmas Day.  The benefits of running, other than weight loss ( around 2.5 stone at the moment, while keeping up my intake of quality ale Winking smile and fitness) to me are:

  • – Being outside more and seeing more of my local area in different seasons.  I’ve always enjoyed the invigorating feeling of being on mountains ad wild places in horrendous conditions, and the post run sugary treat and tea almost equals the post walk / climb ale.
  • Having my 3 year old son say he want to run with me.  I didn’t expect the motivational feeling of being a role model to my son.
  • I have been struggling to find excuses to but more outdoor equipment for years.  Now none of it fits (apart from some classic pieces from the late 90’s) so I have to but more.  That and work clothes. To be honest, I’m a gear freak, so the world of running apparel and equipment is awesome.
  • Running the longer, slower runs undertaken in preparation for the Great South Run has given me a nice chunk of time for reflection and thinking.  It’s actually increased productivity rather than reduced it.
  • Twitter is a very social place for teachers, and I’ve found new conversations and support from the community.  Similar to the way in which having a child opens up new conversational gambits, so does running.

So. 2013? Bring on 1000 miles.

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