Using Photo Stream to share good practice

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All teachers know how hectic a school day can be and how easy it is to get distracted and never get around to ticking off the to-do list.  Furthermore, it’s always tricky to remember those lesson insights / ideas / breakthroughs that occur during a lesson.  For example, our Year 11 sit an examination tomorrow that consists of an applied essay.  During the lesson, I came across a few barriers; overcame them and then shared with my colleagues. 

The thing is, what if you forget?

Also, what happens if you spot a great lesson idea or take a photograph that you want others to see easily?

This is a work is progress as relies upon the fact that all of Priory Geography have iPhone 4S devices.  There are similar systems that rely upon other operating systems, and of course we use Dropbox, SkyDrive, Google Docs and Evernote. 

Last week, I started using Photo Stream to share ideas quickly. As the team can choose to have push notifications, they can be prompted to ask me about the idea when they can or, add a comment to the photograph.  The advantages are that Photo Streams can be shared with selected individuals and, most importantly, it’s proven to be very quick and simple to use.  The major limiting factor is that you can only add images into a Photo Stream that you ‘own’.’  It doesn’t seem possible to add them to Streams that you are invited into.  This could create multiple streams that are difficult to manage or keep track of.

photo (25)

The Priory Geography Streams, shared by myself.





photo (27)

Lesson ideas shared as quick snapshots with the team.






photo (29)A Photo Stream image shared with me by a colleague.  It’s possible to ‘like’ the image and ask questions / develop ideas simply.  Push notification alert the teacher to changes and additions. 

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